Policy Analysis Framework

The policy analysis framework use by CDPA is outlined in detail in the concluding chapter of McColl & Jongbloed’s  Disability and Social Policy in Canada (2006). It consists of 7 questions that guide the researcher through the key issues that define and differentiate disability policy.

  1. What is the objective of the policy: Equity, access, or support?
  2. What is the history of the policy? At whose initiative was the issue brought to public attention? Who were the proponents and detractors of the policy?
  3. Does the policy seek to enforce individual rights or to outline collective responsibilities?
  4. At what level of jurisdiction is the policy (federal, provincial, regional, municipal)? How does it correspond to other policy at that level? At other levels?
  5. Who is eligible to benefit from the policy? Who is included, and who is excluded from consideration?
  6. Does the policy provide specialized services to minority group, or does it address a universal issue?
  7. Who are the key stakeholders? Does the policy correspond to the mission of pertinent advocacy organizations?