Health Care

  • Costs of prescription medications for people with disabilities – As Canada considers national pharma-care policy, people with disabilities represent a special population whose needs must be accounted for. People with disabilities are among the most economically disadvantaged in Canadian society, and often medication costs represent a further burden. Shikha Gupta, a doctoral student working with the CDPA, has recently received funding from the Mark S. Lodge Fund to conduct research on the use of prescription and non-prescription drugs, the sources of funding and the out-of-pocket costs of medications for people with spinal cord injuries.  In particular, she will focus on “cost-related non-adherence”, or the decision to alter or even to stop taking prescribed medications due to costs
  • Do people with disabilities have trouble finding a family doctor? – In 2013, CDPA researchers worked with the Health Care Connect program in Ontario to address the question of access to primary care for patients with disabilities. The program was designed to help Ontarians without a primary care provider to find one, particularly people with disabilities and chronic conditions.
  • Public consultation on the Federal-Provincial Health Accord – Based on research over the past 10 years on equity and access issues of people with disabilities in the health care system, Dr. Mary Ann McColl collaborated with Dr. Steven Christianson to submit a brief to the 2012 Senate Review Committee on the Federal-Provincial Health Accord.
  • Making primary care more accessible – Working with our partners at Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, we reached out to 186 Family Health Teams and 25 Nurse Practitioner-led clinics to ensure that they were meeting their obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarian’s with Disabilities Act.  We provided FHTs/NPLCs with a voluntary accessibility self-audit tool and information about adjustable examining tables and ceiling track-lifts, to assist their disabled patients to transfer onto an examining table.  We secured a commitment from the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care to support this initiative, and to share the cost of this equipment with the Family Health Team and its physicians.For more information about this initiative, click here.
  • Scoping review on veteran health – Dr. Alice Aiken, along with summer student Amy Buitenhuis and PhD candidate Steve Rose conducted a scoping review of the main health challenges facing Canada’s veteran population.
  • Disability and health policy scan – Based on the methodology used in A Scoping Review of Disability Policy by McColl & Stephenson (published on this website), students working with the CDPA Health Services Team researched existing health policies at both the provincial and federal levels and examine their impact on persons with disabilities.