Review of Disability Policy in Canada Second Edition

A Review of Disability Policy in Canada 2013 report coverDisability policy is perceived by people with disabilities as unnecessarily complex, with little in the way of a coherent underlying ideology or policy framework. Policies designed to serve the needs of people with disabilities vary across jurisdictions, across sectors within government, and across programs within ministries.  There is a patchwork of legislation, regulations, and programs that requires considerable probing to understand.

The purpose of this research was to identify legislation, regulations and program descriptions for all of the policies directly related to disability  in Canada.  In the process, the first edition of the of the policy scan (2008) was produced 5 years ago and has since been one of the most visited documents on the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance website. The second edition (2013) has been updated for the next phase of our work.  To read the Review of Disability Policy in Canada, 2nd edition, click here.