Review of Disability Policy in Canada Third Edition

It has been nine years since the 1st edition of this policy scan was completed by Rachel Stevenson and myself in 2008.  That report was one of the first research activities of the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance (CDPA), and has served as the basis for much of our subsequent research and policy analysis.  The 2nd edition by Rebecca Bond and myself (2013) broadened the focus from policy affecting people with mobility impairments to include policy affecting people with physical, cognitive and sensory disabilities.  I was very fortunate to work with these two law students, both of whom taught me a great deal about searching out legislation and legal databases.

The 3rd edition further refines the methodology and includes live links to sections of the statutes that are most pertinent to disability policy analysis. The 3rd edition also includes disability policy from the three territories (Yukon, Nunavut and North West Territories).  I have been privileged to work with CDPA’s current and previous Project Managers, Shannon Jones and Lynn Roberts, doctoral candidate in Rehabilitation Science, Atul Jaiswal, and MPH graduate, Caitlyn Murphy.  We also acknowledge the contributions of Mike Schaub, CDPA’s first Project Manager, particularly his chronology of disability policy in Canada.

We acknowledge financial support to the CDPA of the Canadian Disability Participation Project (CDPP; led by Kathleen Martin-Ginis from UBC, funded by Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council) and the Canadian Access and Inclusion Project (CAIP; led by Bill Adair of Spinal Cord Injury Canada, funded by Human Resources & Skills Development Canada).

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