Education and Disability Review

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In September 2009 Dr. Scott Thompson, academic partner with the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance and member of the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina presented a “Review of the Literature on Education and Disability” at the first Canadian Disability Policy Alliance Meeting in Toronto.  The preliminary review co-produced with Dr. Wanda Lyons (Faculty of Education) and Dr Vianne Timmons (President) of the University of Regina looked at common issues with inclusive education policies across Canadian Provinces, and differences between what policies look like in print and what they look like in practice.  The presentation also focused on indicators that demonstrate that the general concept of inclusion is working and directions for future research.

To view the presentation click on the link below:

Review of Canadian Inclusive Education Policies

Subsequent to the presentation further work was done to define some of the key aspects of inclusive education policies in Canadian provinces in preparation for a larger collaborative initiative with the Council of Ministers of Education and participating University Faculties of Education.

To view the report that provides details about these key provincial distinctives please click  here.