Disability and Social Policy

Disability and Social Policy book cover The idea for the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance came from collaborating on a book with many of Canada’s leading disability researchers.  “We enjoyed working together so much”, says Dr Mary Ann McColl of Queen’s University, “that we began to ask ourselves how we could carry the partnership on into the future.”

Disability and Social Policy in Canada, by Dr. Mary Ann McColl and Dr. Lyn Jongbloed, represents an authoritative, up-to-date resource for academics, researchers, students and professionals engaged in the field of disability and social policy. This new edition moves beyond existing programs and history and focuses more on issues affecting policy and policy analysis.

The understanding and perception of disability has changed over the years. In this book’s updated second edition, the authors address two major questions—“What does it mean to have a disability?” and “What is society obliged to do for those who have a disability?”. McColl and Jongbloed analyse the current state and future prospects of disability policy at the beginning of the 21st century, and attempt to identify directions for development and investment to ensure the best possible policy environment for disabled Canadians. They provide an up-to-date presentation of specific policy issues that are of particular interest to people with disabilities: employment and income, health and social services, as well as culture and community services. Furthermore, they highlight the trends that currently dominate disability issues and discuss the obstacles yet to be overcome, the resources that are available and the future directions.

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