Changing attitudes toward disability

When you think of changing attitudes toward disability, what are the two strategies that spring to mind?   The two most popular responses to that question are unfortunately strategies that have been shown to be ineffective:  public awareness campaigns and simulations. CDPA, as part of the Canada Access & Inclusion Project, was selected to advise the […]

People with disabilities and the Charter

How has the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms been used to achieve equity and justice for people with disabilities in Canada? This is the question addressed by a recent publication of a long-standing project of the CDPA, and the work of several partners and students. The paper examines the 14 cases heard by the […]

Coalition for a Barrier Free Canada

TORONTO, Sept. 24, 2015 /CNW/ – The leaders of Canada’s largest disability organizations serving upwards of four million Canadians with disabilities are urging government leaders, influencers and the public to support a new non-partisan campaign to introduce federal legislation to ensure accessibility, inclusion and equal opportunity for Canadians with disabilities, and to fulfill Canada’s commitments […]

Time use as an indicator of effectiveness of disability policy

If Canadian disability policy over the past 25 years has been effective in promoting equality and inclusion, then it stands to reason that the daily activities of people with disabilities should be looking more and more like those of their non-disabled counterparts. A test of this assumption has been conducted by the federal disability policy […]

Policy governing employment supports

In collaboration with Dr. Catherine Connelly of the School of Business at McMaster University, we have conducted a scan of policy governing employment supports for people with disabilities in 14 jurisdictions in Canada – federal, provincial and territorial.   This is the first of three reports supporting the work of each of the research teams of the CDPP. […]

Timeline of Disability Policy Events

Since 1975, there have been many policy events that have aimed towards a more inclusive Canada. The interactive timeline below displays the federal disability policy events that have occurred in the last 4 decades. Click and explore!     _______________________________________________________ Resources for the Timeline and links for more information:  Canadian Human Rights Act: UN […]

Review of Disability Policy in Canada

The first edition of the of the policy scan was produced 5 years ago and has since been one of the most visited documents on the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance website. The second edition has been updated for the next phase of our work as an Alliance. It reminds us how much work needs to […]

About The Federal Policy Team

The Federal Disability Policy team focuses its research agenda on projects that are of broad interest to disability policy in all facets of Canadian life.   This includes developing the foundational research methodologies for all CDPA research, projects related to accessibility, and projects related to policies that are within Federal jurisdiction in Canada.  As the […]

Canadian Disability Savings Plan

As part of the three year evaluation mandated by the Canada Disability Savings Act (2007), Dr. Mary Ann McColl and Project Manager Mike Schaub were contracted by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to conduct a review of international literature related to savings incentive programs for families and individuals with disabilities. The review surveyed literature from 2006 […]

Charter Challenges and Disability

2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms into law by Queen Elizabeth II.  As part of the Constitution Act 1982, the Charter replaced the earlier Canadian Bill of Rights (1960) and gave the judiciary greater powers to challenge laws in every jurisdiction of Canada. One of those […]