Coalition for a Barrier Free Canada

TORONTO, Sept. 24, 2015 /CNW/ - The leaders of Canada's largest disability organizations serving upwards of four million Canadians with disabilities are urging government leaders, influencers and the public to support a new non-partisan campaign to introduce federal legislation to ensure accessibility, inclusion and equal opportunity for Canadians with disabilities, and to fulfill Canada's … Continue reading

Political pressure for a Canadians with Disabilities Act

As the Americans with Disabilities Act turns 25 years old, interest is again mounting for a Canadians with Disabilities Act. With a federal election scheduled for October 2015, a coalition called Barrier-Free Canada has reiterated the call. Several high-profile disability organizations, including several of our partners, have joined the movement. Recently, Andre Picard wrote in […]

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Policy governing access to post-secondary education in Ontario

In 2014-15, CDPA researchers conducted research for the Ontario Ministry of Colleges, Training and Universities on the experience of disabled students in post-secondary education. The report provided a detailed analysis of policy governing access and supports for post-secondary education over the past 30 years. None of the legislation administered by the Ministry specifically mentions the situation […]

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Time use as an indicator of effectiveness of disability policy

If Canadian disability policy over the past 25 years has been effective in promoting equality and inclusion, then it stands to reason that the daily activities of people with disabilities should be looking more and more like those of their non-disabled counterparts. A test of this assumption has been conducted by the federal disability policy […]

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Policy governing employment supports

In collaboration with the Canadian Disability Participation Project Employment Team, we have conducted a scan of policy governing employment supports for people with disabilities in 14 jurisdictions in Canada – federal, provincial and territorial.   This is the first of three reports supporting the work of each research team. Similar reports will be forthcoming in summer […]

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Do people with disabilities have trouble finding a family doctor?

family doctor team

In summer 2013, CDPA researchers worked with the Health Care Connect program in Ontario to address the question posed above. The program was designed to help Ontarians without a primary care provider to find one, particularly people with disabilities and chronic conditions. We found that in most regions, the program was successful in linking disabled […]

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CDPA Research Findings

CDPA Research

The Canadian Disability Policy Alliance (CDPA) is a national collaboration of 14 researchers in disability studies from 4 Canadian universities, 5 disability advocacy organizations, and consultants from federal and provincial governments. Since July 2009, the Alliance has conducted 27 research projects, aimed at evaluating and improving disability policy in Canada. Since 2013 the Alliance has […]

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More Than Voting Booths

More than voting booths

Members of the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance examined the Ontario election campaign of 2011 to identify the extent to which it “opened doors” to electoral participation for persons with disabilities.  A recent publication, More Than Voting Booths: Accessibility of Electoral Campaigns for People with Disabilities in Ontario, outlines the findings. More Than Voting Booths: Accessibility of […]

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Inclusive Education

A picture of a high school class being conducted in ASL

Rarely are teacher associations a topic of investigation in inclusive education research, and yet they play a critical role in its implementation and efficacy. A study was conducted by members of the CDPA Education Team that explored the extent to which leaders of Canadian teacher associations were aware of inclusive education policy.  Although every jurisdiction […]

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The Next Phase of the CDPA

Kathleen Martin Ginis

The next phase of the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance is part of a seven-year project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).  The project is led by Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis, and will enhance the quantity and quality of community participation among Canadians living with a physical disability. More than 50 partners […]

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